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English Language Assessment & Guide

Assessment Mini-Course

Need more help with how to make the most of the Kid-Inspired ESL Assessment for gauging student progress and choosing an appropriate level? Take this quick mini course.

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In order to help your students on the path to fluency, you need to get a clear picture of where they are now. 

This is the tool for that.

1. You can print this assessment off and put each page in the clear plastic sleeves of a 3-ring binder to be used over and over again. 

Assessment Pages

2. Read the instructions on how to give the assessment and how to assess the results. Email me directly if you have any questions (john.carlson@kid-inspired.com).

3. Sit down with a student one-on-one and go through each section of the test with him or her. 

3. Tally up the results and check the results against the included guide to decide which level's materials to use. If the student is somewhat between levels, it is better to start easier and work to the more difficult stuff than to start directly into the harder materials. 

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4. Go to that level's materials and start printing and tracking the student's progress on the ELL Paths to Fluency Tracker.

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