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Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum Membership

  • 0:00 How Kid-Inspired Classroom Got Started
  • 3:24 Tour of the ESL Curriculum Membership
  • 6:00 Kid-Inspired Community Forum
  • 7:29 Find Materials by Proficiency Level
  • 16:30 Find Materials by Type and/or Grade Level
  • 17:16 Fluency Readers
  • 18:00 Vocabulary Lessons and Sentence Mats
  • 21:15 Teacher Tools
  • 22:21 Grade Level Supports
ESL Teaching Curriculum Membership for ELL Teachers (smaller)

If you are looking for ESL teaching materials to use with your English language learners, hit the link below to learn more about the Kid-Inspired ESL Curriculum.

In the membership, you'll find everything you need to have engaging, student-centered, and stress-free classes with your English language learners.

  • Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
  • Lesson Types: Literacy, Grammar, Phonics, Survival English, Vocabulary, Writing and More!
  • Printable Games
  • Activity Ideas
  • Common Core Aligned Materials
  • Vocabulary Theme Packs
  • Task Cards
  • Worksheets
  • Professional Development Courses
  • And So Much More!

Save time and reduce stress. You need to focus on making a difference. Let me provide you with the materials and support you need. 

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