ESOL Teaching Strategies

So many English language learners fall through the cracks. They often struggle academically and socially. As teachers, we need ESOL strategies that really make a difference.

Below you'll find a variety of strategies that can help you make the most of your time in class.

Kid-Inspired Teacher How to Teach ESL Book Cover

If you need to tie all your activities and strategies together for wildly productive classes with your English language learners, you will want to start with the book Kid-Inspired Teacher.

ESOL Strategies include:

  • ...scaffolds that help bridge the gap between where students are and where they need to be.
  • ...ways to create welcoming, safe environments that foster risk-taking and honesty.
  • ...ways to help students take responsibility for their learning rather than expecting a teacher or parent to do things for them.
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Our ESOL Strategies Matter

As an ESL teacher, you play an incredibly important role in your students lives. 

The strategies you use in the classroom can contribute to the success of your students or hinder it. 

You have to be careful to pay attention to the outcome of your activities. Having a good time is not enough. Everything going smoothly is not enough either.

Our ESOL activities need to move the needle for each and every student each and every class.

Other ESOL Resources

I want to make sure that you have every resource you need to make your job easier so that you have more time and energy to spend on what matters most. 

I hope the ESOL strategies you find here make a difference. I know I have benefitted enormously from teachers who have shared their strategies with me. 

There are other resources available here for you as well.

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